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Marispelet is a an outdoor Norwegian historical music play on of the cliff above Vemork, where the audience gets to experience the gripping love story between the strong-willed rich Mari and the poor boy Eystein. 

The audience will experience the famous Rjukan Waterfall (Rjukanfossen), which is released in all its vigour in the last scene of the play, at the show 18th of July and on the last show 22th of july. Rjukanfossen is normally in pipes, but used to be a grand tourist attraction for the upper classes in Norway in pre-Industrial times. 

The play has both beautiful music, song and dance with roots in traditional folk music and folk dance, but also within the genre of musical theatre. The costumes are traditional national costumes and the dancing is acrobatic and entertaining.

The story about Mari takes place in Rjukan, the first and only architect-designed city in Norway, which is now on UNESCOs World Heritage List. Rjukan is situated close to Oslo and other connecting cities to the continent. It is located at the edge of the Hardanger National Park, and at the foot of the mountaintop; Gaustatoppen (1883 m) which has the largest viewpoint in Norway. Rjukan is also known for its dramatic history from the Second World War and the Heroes of Telemark at Vemork.

Want to know more about Rjukan? Go to Visit Rjukan

Show dates 2024

In 2024 the show will be in week 29.

Tuesday 16. July 2023 at 21.00
Wednesday 17. July 2023 at 21.00 
Thursday 18. July 2023 at 21.00
Friday 19. July 2023 at 21.30 
Saturday 20. July 2023 at 17.00
at 21.30


You will soon be able to by tickets for Marispelt 2024

Last year we are sould our tickets via ebillett and we have created new categories to make it easier for you as a buyer. You will have the choice between buying a ticket with bus or a ticket with car parking towards Selstali (for the driver) and passenger.

Accompanying person and children’s tickets have the same price throughout the period.

Ticket prices with bus:

Children with bus:

NOK 400 
age 6-15 years

Early bird Adults with bus:

NOK 680 until 31.12.2022

Adults with bus:

NOK 750 from 01.01.2023

Ticket prices with parking towards Selstali:

Children as passenger

NOK 300
age 6-15 years

Adults with parking (driver):

NOK 1050

Adults passenger

NOK 650


To make sure that you as an audience get to have the best experience, please read this practical information relevant for the show day.

Also please be aware that, on stage, we talk and sing in Norwegian.


The tickets are no refundeble, unless it is a result of force majeure.

VIP tickets

Make your visit to Marispelet extra special with VIP tickets.

Marispelet at Rjukanfossen and Rjukan Hotel want to repeat the success with VIP packages for the show and the hotel. This time we have VIP packages for all days, Tuesday to Saturday.


The packages include dinner at the hotel, reserved seats to Marispelet, with guided tour during bus transport, overnight stay and breakfast at Rjukan Hotell.

Price per person: NOK 1,950


To book, contact Rjukan Hotell by email or telephone 404 03 570

This is a limited number of VIP packages per day, so make sure to secure a truly unique experience early!

Parking and transportation

The play takes place at Krokan, not far from Rjukan centrum. There are arranged buss transports which drives from Rjukan two hours before the play starts, and drives consecutively to Krokan. On the bus there are guides that will tell you more about Rjukan on the way up. There is also possible to park at Krokan direction Selstali Seter, but there are very few parking spaces.

Audience with a handicap can park at Krokan, with a parking permit from VisitRjukan.

Be aware that there is not arranged transportation from Fjellstua. Audience that are traveling from the west side has to drive and park at the driveway to Selstali Seter.

Handy information

Before the play

In 2020, a new access was made from the driveway towards Selstali, down to the “Tennisbanen” and to where Marispelet is. The buses will drop you off here, where the crew will lead you to “Tennisbanen”. There you will be able to buy food, drinks and locally produced goods.

Have the tickets ready on the way to “Tennisbanen”, as the tickets will be checked before you enter the waiting area. About an hour before the play starts we open the entrance.  

It is important that all audience follows the crew’s instructions, both so you’ll easily find your seat and to protect the technical equipment.

After the play

After the play the audience will go and take a look at the waterfall Rjukanfossen. Walk down the trail along the “Maristi”-tunnel, to a beautiful viewpoint towards Rjukanfossen.

Due to safety, please do not walk inside the tunnel, but follow the crews instructions.

After you have seen the waterfall, the busses will drive you back to Rjukan square. You can get on the busses on the downside of the “Maristi”-tunnel. There is also possible to get on the busses above the tunnel, if you don’t want to see Rjukanfossen.

How to dress

Since the play takes place outside, we encourage you to put on warm shoes and clothes. The temperature at Krokan is lower than the temperature in Rjukan centrum, and falls when the sun goes down. It can also be late in the evening before the busses are back in Rjukan.

The mosquito can be irritating at this time a year, so it can be wise to bring mosquito repellent.


Toilets are located in the waiting area and at the entrance

Audience can borrow seat pads

Please note our prohibitions:
  • Please do not go down to the scene before or after the show
  • Dogs are not allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • If rain, please take in to account that others are sitting behind you and do not use umbrellas

Should there be a need for evacuation during the play, follow the instructions of the crew. It is very important that no one walks on or behind the stage as it is steep right down the cliff and difficult to see when it is dark. Only go that way if the crew say it is necessary and then follow them carefully.

Meeting point is at the entrance to Selstali (where you get off the bus).

You will receive more information about the specific escape routes before the start of the play.

While waiting for Marispelet…

Visit Rjukan has an overview of what is happening in Rjukan. If you are wondering what else Rjukan has to offer – summer and winter – check out VisitRjukan.

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